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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So i am most probably really late to this bandwagon but i've found my absolute favourite restaurant. It's called Bill's and my closest one is in Chichester in the old converted Butter Market, which may i add looks like something out of Made in Chelsea, very posh.

I love everything this restaurant is about, it's what i'd probably call alternative to most mainstream chains of restaurants, it's very quirky with a small menu of slightly healthier (but pricier) options than just chicken, burgers and steak, for example wild mushroom and smoked garlic risotto.

There's also the option of afternoon tea which is adorable, and fancy cocktails made with things i've never even heard of.

We were seated in a corner booth which was huge, and had plenty of room for my sticky out elbow eating syndrome. I really regret not ordering this the last time i went, but i chose the Bill's Pink Lemonade to drink, and oh my god i could live off this stuff. With hints of strawberry, lemon and lime and a magnificent bottle which i wanted to take home, i would recommend to everyone. 

Bill's also have a shop which was situated below the restaurant, and on each table is a list of everything they sell, and you tick off what you'd like to buy, give it to the waiter, and you can purchase anything you've eaten or drunk there and then! I think this is such a fabulous idea as i literally would of bought 600 bottles of this stuff.

I opted for the Bill's Burger, which i had previously, and it was one of the best burgers i've ever tasted, no joke, and i've tasted a BK Whopper. I took all of the tomato and pickle out thought, and it had a gorgeous horseradish mayonnaise and skin of fries in a bucket, how bloomin cute. I'm also a big fan of the whole chopping board as a plate thing, and i'm diggin that grease proof paper. 

For dessert i had the warm chocolate brownies and ice cream. By this point i was stuffed from the main course, but i wasn't gonna pass up these. My only downfall was that there wasn't enough ice cream! I also took that thing which i assumed was mint off, ew. Yeah so this was scoffed in like 2 minutes, but my god it was delish, 

There are Bill's all over the UK so i would highly recommend this to anyone, families, couples and i even noticed a lot of business professionals on their lunch there, so very versatile. I wish a took more pictures of the surroundings because it was such a lovely environment. 

You can see the menu and restaurants here!

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