BEST OF 2014

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Yes i'm bloody late on this bandwagon but what a way to start the whole new year, new me, new blog thing, plus 2014 was a banging year so here we go!

1. Best Film You Watched

Okay so i'm going to majorly cheat here and say The Wolf of Wall Street. I actually only watched this for the first time this week but i guess that counts as 2014 because January doesn't even register as a new year in my eyes, I'm still writing the date and ending it with 2014. Anyway!

Leonardo Di Caprio was bloody amazing as usual, he's such a versatile actor! Leo hun i'd give you an Oscar. Even though i had to watch it in two halves as i fell asleep halfway through, i really enjoyed the story, and Scorsese directed it amazingly. I'm also a big fan of Jonah Hill, so his presence made it even better.

That's all i have to say about that!

2. Best Song You Heard

Okay so i'm gonna cheat again and say two. My big two summer songs that i blasted through my cars speakers at maximum volume through 2014 were;

Am I Wrong? - Nico & Vinz


Classic - MKTO

They both literally just remind me of summer, and summer was a gooden this year.

3. Best Book You Read

Jesus Christ i'm gonna cheat again, maybe i should have just changed the questions. Okay so, this is going to sound really bloody awful of me, but from what i can remember, i don't think i even read any books this year, or of i did i didn't finish them, so i'm going to tell you about an audio book. Well, its not even an audio book its a bloody podcast but i'm counting that as near enough the same thing.

Right, so my friend at work introduced me to this at work, it's called Serial. It focuses on a journalist called Sarah Koenig, (i think i spelt that right) who is reviewing a slightly strange murder case from 20 or so years ago. It's set over about 12 podcasts if i remember rightly and each week she delves further into the case, introducing the people who were involved and how and why they may or may not be guilty. This is based on a real case, and she regularly talks to the 'murderer' herself, Adnan Syed, who claims he is innocent.

Seriously, it is the most addictive thing you will ever listen to, i highly reccommend it to everyone!

4. Best Trip You Went On

Easy. Paris.

I was lucky enough to go to Paris with my friends from Uni on an almost all expenses paid for Trip to Disney and the city for a few days, and it was absolutely amazing! Despite the freezing cold, and food poisoning i bloomin got on the last day, it was so beautiful. I've been to Disney a few times before, but never into the city, and christ, i'd go back in a heart beat!

5. Best TV Show You Saw

Whilst i spent my days withering away in the house in far far away, (a story for another day), i took advantage of Netflix and started watching American Horror Story. I skipped the first season, because it looked too scary :( and went straight to Asylum, and oh my god i literally think the whole thing was on another level! The story was amazing, and the actors were incredible. I think i watched the whole thing in a day if i remember rightly.

6. Best Meal You Ate

2014 is a whole year, that's 365 days and i eat 3 meals a day so that's like over 1000 meals and i can't bloomin remember so i'm gonna cheat again (ooh shocker) and reminisce this beauty.

Oh my christ, this was a dessert from The Grove, in a restaurant called The Stables. It was very posh and the house vodka was like 15 quid a shot. So naturally i had a double. So this is some sort of strawberry trifle thing with beautiful shortbread on the side. Me and cb shared as i can never finish a dessert but oh my god this was magical. 

So theres that then! What a wonderful but slightly strange year 2014 was.

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